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Chocks Away!!

So the West Virginia Civil Air Patrol have finally decreed me worthy of membership.I received a nifty folder in the post the other day complete with lovely fashion plates depicting the correct way to wear the various uniforms.I’m particularly taken with how the skirt has to fall within a certain distance above/below the knee.

None of the uniforms (BDUs excepted,but I don’t look good in camouflage) look like they’d be very comfortable in the cockpit   er..I mean flight deck.The thing is though you have to be in uniform when you fly soooooo that sort of corners me into wearing a flight suit.For a Cessna 182.

About a million years ago I remember the slagging  my comrades and I dished out to Irish Air Corps pilots flying similar aircraft in Gormanston, Co.Meath. They were towing the target drogues we completely failed to hit with thousands of rounds of 40mm,12.7mm and 7.62mm.

 “Oi! Top Gun!”

“I feel the need…the need to pee”

“That’s not  a plane.That’s a Volkswagen with wings!”

And so on.It would appear the worm has turned full circle.


One response to “Chocks Away!!

  1. Audrey ⋅

    Is this Devin? Did you go private on Hangar Queen Dev?

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