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5 responses to “‘Frakkin Real Life Getting In The Way

  1. The Cap'n

    Heh- I like the BSG Last Supper still above. Good stories from the Flying Game as well .. nice one. I’ll check in on this blog from time to time.

    QRT and standing by.

    The Cap’n

  2. The Cap'n

    By the way .. is that Wicklow up there on your blog banner? Or Mourne Mountains?…

  3. deviatrix ⋅

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t know. It was the default header on this WP theme and I really liked it so I let it be. The designer lives in the UK so it might well be from our part of the world.

    Hammers home how much I’ve neglected this page. I had planned to wind down my other one and bring this online but the older one just won’t die.

  4. I see Judas has already left!

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