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Good News,Bad News Sort Of Deal

A fraction of a second after shredding my ankle I felt this weird,almost electric, tingle up the outside of my leg. I began to form a thought along the lines of ‘ I have a bad feeling about this’ when the pain arrived. There was no more attempt at thought for quite a while.

While writhing in agony prior to being carried off the pitch by my teammates I did have one concern though and it led to a thought of sorts. Through mentally gritted teeth I said to myself ‘ I bet this is when I get the call about the job’.

The rest of my Saturday night was spent in the ER doing my Irish-Transplant-In-Appalachia stand-up (in a wheelchair) routine. I was a bit more of a grouch than usual…just a bit. The staff didn’t seem to mind and eventually released me into the sweet embrace of Vicodin. Sunday passed in a bit of blur to be honest.

Monday morning I get the call to report to my new job on Friday. Hooray,Shit,Hooray,Shit,Hooray,Shit.Being lovely people and this being an airline I want to retire from I hobbled up to see them on Wednesday thinking they would have mercy on my crutchy arse. I need not have worried. They were happy to give me a two-week deferment on my start date. Very much-needed as a follow-up visit and MRI had the docs laughing at me when I asked if I could start this week. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself in the MRI until I had a think about the last person to be scanned. Maybe they,or the person to come after me, have something truly heavy to deal with. I won’t die from a sprained ankle no matter how many ligaments are banjaxed.

Definitely a bit of a win there.

Update: A very tidy Canadian doc had a look at me this morning and cleared me for action. No surgery is needed and I’m off the crutches. No sports (bah!)for 12 weeks and I have to wear a goofy boot/brace for a while longer but I’m OK for work next week. Huzzah!
I was forced to use a motorized scooter at the grocery store the other day and I felt like an utter pillock. Still as I’ve mentioned before it was a chance to change perspective and learn a bit of humility.


10 responses to “Good News,Bad News Sort Of Deal

  1. savannah

    yikes, yikes, yikes! another good thing: a sprain is better than a break… ;~D all the best to you, sugar! xoxoxoxo

    • Deviatrix

      Indeed it is. I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t fractured until the MRI confirmed it. X-rays are only as good as the person reading them and I could see a harried ER doc missing a hairline one. I dreamed that theory up when the pain and swelling got worse during the week. I’ll be grand though. Too ugly and old to die young etc.

  2. Kim Ayres

    What were you playing? Soccer, American Football or Hurling?

  3. deviatrix ⋅

    Kim, I was playing soccer as they say in these parts. Or ‘Fitba’ round your way.

    No matter what it’s called I won’t be doing any more of it for about 6 months.

    No fool like an old fool

  4. Pat

    No wonder they want you with such a great outlook.
    Hope it mends quickly.

  5. Conan Drumm ⋅

    Aha, there you are on the apron. And up she flew!

  6. deviatrix ⋅

    Thank you Pat. I got the OK from the doc this morning.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way but I caught an episode of ‘Foyle’s War’ last night and it put me in mind of you.

    Ah. Conan. Ol’ Pal. Great to have you aboard again. Seriously.

  7. Pat

    I’m not au fait with it but MTL likes it. He says it’s old fashioned so you got that right:)

  8. Argh! Sounds horrid! Take her handy, it sounds very sore. x

  9. savannah

    Foyle’s War is marvelous! (total aside i know)

    BUT, how are you? what’s up? send email…

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