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Welcome To JFK Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Frightful carry on at JFK the other day. Still there was a certain style and dash to the whole thing. I especially love how he grabbed a tasty beverage for the short descent to the tarmac.

Meanwhile in Baltimore I’m dreaming about work.A bit sad I know. In my dreams my co-workers are taking to the skies with personal flying machines sort of like a tiny turbine on their backs with a folding hang-glider/ bat wing contraption. They are exceedingly nifty and I feel quite the clod in a clunky old Learjet.

I need this jet you see because I’m teaching a robust and bellicose Alex Higgins (circa 1982 AH mind)how to fly.

It might be about work (sort of) but I woke up happy.


8 responses to “Welcome To JFK Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. EashtGalwayWoman ⋅

    It was the best “I’m so outta here…..!” resignation I’ve read about lately

  2. deviatrix ⋅

    We meet again EGW 🙂

    Priceless wasn’t it. Can you imagine the faces of the passengers as he goes for his slide?

    My little planes weren’t equipped with slides so it wouldn’t have been quite so much fun had I tried it.

  3. I did think of you when I saw that, heh.

  4. savannah

    i love the response he’s getting from fellow flight attendants! xoxoxoxo

  5. deviatrix ⋅

    Not just flighties either. He’s surely getting his 15 minutes all right.

    So how are things missus?

  6. savannah

    ah, dev, i don’t even know where to start, sugar. xoxox

  7. Pat ⋅

    I thought of you when – spellbound- teetering on a picnic table – I watched our RED Arrows. Sublime!

  8. snifflecry ⋅

    Hey Dev who came up in conversation at our gaff recently . Are you here at HQ or have you a new atrix place ? OR both .

    There’s an email due, yes along with a million things falling due RIGHT NOW

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