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Chocks Away,Bitches!

Going back to college at 40 seemed like a good idea at the time. I was wrong.

It was a flippin’ BRILLIANT idea. 

Fair enough. I’ve been a bit crap at the old blogging but no harm really. There are enough fevered egos and complete wankers out there competing for your eyeballs and the last thing you need is to waste your time here. 

It’s been a long and productive year in the old Hangar and I am on the verge of taking to the skies again. There was a genuine ‘Oh Shit!’ moment this week when I had to hand my certificates over to an FAA examiner. No matter how benign the experience no pilot can fail to be affected by the sight of his/her tickets disappearing into the maw of the feds.

I mean I had new temporary ones issued immediately with proper ones coming in the mail in a few days but still…..





Still here? Great…now that we’ve gotten rid of the lightweights…….stand by.


One response to “Chocks Away,Bitches!

  1. Lette

    YEAAAYYY!! so happy i’m not a light weight 😀 😀 Great to be back reading your blogs again hunnay 🙂 Missed ya! Lette xxx

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