I am the Deviatrix. An Irish ex-pat aloft over the wilds of West Yeeeeehaw Virginia. This blog is about $100 cheeseburgers,flirting with Air Traffic Control,nasty approaches,beautiful landings,crosswind take offs,flying the Cessna 182 “Big Iron” and explaining that my accent is not Australian.


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  1. Hello. Glad you appreciate the site. You’re obviously a big fan of Deighton’s books. As there was nothing on the Internet about Len Deighton – compared with tons of stuff for Ian Fleming – I spotted a gap in the market! Do keep checking the blog and the website out as I keep putting stuff up there, and if you want to share the url.



    • deviatrix ⋅

      Wilco. Cannot adequately express my love for LD’s work. Fair play to you for all that yo do. Keep up the good work.

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